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My name's Rob and I'm a family man, neighbor, worship leader and songwriter living in Frisco, Texas.

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It's for God's glory and a gift of His grace that I get to lead and serve the local church through music and the arts in creative and applicable ways - that both exalt God and simply provide space in people's hearts for them to connect with Jesus and let Him do what only He can.  (more below)

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I come from an amazingly generous family in a home that loves the Lord.  It’s in that environment I eventually realized my need for Jesus and accepted Him into my life at a young age.  Thankfully, during my sophomore year in college, Jesus turned what had always been religious ritual into an incredible, personal relationship.  Since then, He's led me down a road I couldn’t have imagined I’d be on, continually reminding me of His grace in my life.

I’m married to my high-school sweetheart Lindsey and we have two sons- Beckham and Jenner -and two daughters- Lennon and Mayer. Our family is a part of the remarkable community of Bent Tree Bible where I lead on Sunday’s at our Frisco Campus (

For over a decade, my band and I have led at various events as the Lord provides and would love to come serve as worship leaders at your church or event. Thanks for checking this out- hope to meet you soon!